Oscapella & Associates Consulting Ltd.

Oscapella & Associates PROVIDES

  • Detailed research on Canadian legislative, trade and social policy issues.
  • Legislative monitoring—following the progress of legislation through the House of Commons, the Senate and committees of Parliament.
  • Preparation of policy and briefing papers and major speeches.
  • Educational seminars and lectures.
  • Writing about complex issues using plain language.
  • Monitoring Canadian media and specialist publications.

Areas of specialization

  • Privacy issues relating to health, employment, criminal justice, identity, national security and corporate activity
  • Health and social policy
  • Criminal justice policy
  • Policy and law governing illegal drugs
  • Public security, terrorism and intelligence
  • Environment
  • Access to justice
  • Medical/legal issues and epidemiological research
  • Human rights

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Advising on Canadian legislative & policy developments since 1985.

613-238-5909  ·  1-800-668-5909