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Several of Eugene Oscapella's major studies have been published in Canada or abroad, as have been several pieces for the mainstream press. He has also done several commentaries on legal and social issues for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio and has been featured in several documentaries.

  • Editor-in-chief, Health Services Preferential Access Inquiry Report (Alberta, 2013)
  • "Drugs and the Canadian Criminal Justice System," in Criminal Justice in Canada: A Reader (4th ed. 2013)
  • Associate editor, Privacy Laws & Business International Newsletter (UK), 2001-04
  • Contributions as researcher, editor, to report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182 (2008-2010)
  • Principal consultant to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada for study of privacy implications of identity management: Identity, Privacy and the Need of Others to Know Who You Are: A Discussion Paper on Identity Issues (2006-07)
  • “Illegal Drugs and Terrorism Financing,” INTERSEC (The Journal of International Security), vol. 14, issue 11/12, November/December 2004 at 351-53
  • with 9 others, “Harm Reduction: Pragmatic Drug Policies for Public Health and Safety,” in Joyce Lowinson et al, ed., Substance Abuse: A Comprehensive Textbook (4th ed. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia: 2005) 1229-49
  • “A Review and Analysis of the Policy and Legislative Options Developed by the Department of Justice to Protect Genetic Information and Privacy” (Department of Justice, 2003)
  • “The Legal Framework Relating to Genetic Testing in Employment” (Human Resources Development Canada, 2002-03)
  • Privacy Issues Relating to Locating Missing Persons and Identifying Human Remains in Areas of Conflict (International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)), Geneva, 2002
  • Adviser to the Hon. Sheila Finestone, Senator, on the development of a draft Privacy Rights Charter (introduced in Canada’s Senate in 2000)
  • “Cannabis in Canada - a Puzzling Policy” (with P. Erickson), International Journal of Drug Policy
  •  “Genetics, Privacy and Discrimination: A Survey Prepared for the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee” (for Industry Canada, 2000)
  • “Personal Health Information and the Health Info-structure: Surveys of Interested Organizations” (for Health Canada, 1998)
  • “Workplace Surveillance: Serving the Omniscient State”, (1998), 6 Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal 341
  • Book review, "From Mister Sin to Mister Big: A History of Australian Drug Laws", 24 Contemporary Drug Problems (1997) 409
  • Drug Prohibition and Crime: Wilful Blindness, Forum, Vol. 21, No.7 (Federation of Canadian Municipalities magazine), November/December 1997, at 20
  • "Illegal Drugs Policy, AIDS and Hepatitis: from Prohibition to Harm Reduction", Medicine and Law (Vol. 15, No. 3) December 1996
  • "Drug Testing and Privacy", Canadian Labour Law Journal (1994)
  • "Chemical McCarthyism", (1993), 9 Justice Report 1
  • Overview of Canadian Laws Relating to Privacy and Confidentiality in the Medical Context, for the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies (March 1994)
  • Genetic Testing and Privacy, published by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (May 1992)
  • Drug Testing and Privacy, for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (1990)
  • HIV/AIDS: A Need for Privacy, for the Information/Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (1990) (principal consultant)
  • HIV/AIDS in the Workplace, for the Information/Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (1989) (principal consultant)
  • AIDS and the Privacy Act, for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (1989)
  • Law Reform Commission of Canada Working Paper on Classification of Offences (1987) (co-author)
  • Law Reform Commission of Canada study on trial within a reasonable time (1995) (consultant)
  • "CMA Calls for Action to Deal with Malpractice Insurance 'Crisis'", 135 Can. Med. Assoc. Journal 145 (1986) (co-author)
  • Contributions to Second and Third Reports of the Royal Commission Concerning Certain Activities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the McDonald Commission) (1981)
  • "A Study of Informers in England", [1980] Criminal Law Review 136
  • "Regina v. Kundeus", 8 Ottawa Law Review 91 (1976)

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